RealtyNinja updates
RealtyNinja updates

📢 Product Updates are here!




Big news today, we're starting a public Product Updates page (release notes) so you're always up-to-date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made at RealtyNinja.

Even though we work on RealtyNinja all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This page is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

We've added all notable product updates for 2022 below, and will continue to do so moving forward. We hope you enjoy it!

To see what we released last year please check out our Holiday 2021 wrap-up.

🤩 We have some great improvements, bug fixes and new features coming your way in 2022. Stay tuned!!

Agent headshot photos now use CDN




Agent headshot photos now load much faster everywhere they're displayed (backend CMS and website front-end on the "Agents" widget). The images are now loading via our optimized CDN (Content Delivery Network).

This will dramatically speed up page-load for websites that have a bunch of agents (ie: brokerage sites).

Improved integration with Top Producer and other CRM’s that use the same lead metadata spec




Leads captured on RealtyNinja websites now follow this standardized metadata specification which helps CRM's (like Top Producer) identify key information from our lead emails.

Check out this help doc for more details on our CRM integration options.

Listing photo layout issue fixed on Edmonton websites




Listing detail pages on Edmonton (EREB) websites had a layout issue, if there was a label on the photo (ie: Open House, Sold). This is now resolved.

Some much-needed love given to our Listings-Only (IDX) Accounts




RealtyNinja powered IDX embeds load MUCH faster now.

  • Up to 95% reduction in data transfer/size when loading full MLS® search results
  • Up to 22% reduction in initial embed data transfer/size
  • Up to 76% speed up in time taken to load all results on a full MLS® search
  • Up to 41% speed up in time taken for initial embed to initialize

Note: This is benchmark data from our tests. Your site results may vary.

The nerdy details of what we changed:

  • Removed the dependancy on jQuery, which reduces page weight and also avoids potential code conflicts when jQuery is also loaded on the parent website.
  • Embed scripts are now optimized and minified, which make them load faster.
  • Embed scripts now load from our Fastly Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • All listing/building images now load from Fastly and use IO parameters to greatly reduce file size, without affecting image quality.
  • Bonus bug fix: Clicking "deselect all" on an MLS search now resizes the iframe height properly.

Listings-Only (IDX) iframe height adjustment bug fixed




If you did an MLS® Search on a Listings-Only (IDX) account, the iframe would resize to show results, but when you pressed "Deselect All Areas" the results would disappear, but the iframe would still be as tall as the results. That's now resolved, and the iframe resizes to fit the height of the content within it.

Show buildings From multiple groups in one widget




You can now show buildings from all groups on a single buildings widget.

Let's say you had separate building groups for each city, and displayed those on their own pages of your site. What if you also wanted to have one high-level page that displays ALL the buildings regardless of group? You can do that now!


You can find this new functionality in the Widget Options for any Building widget on your website. Just choose "All Groups" from the Building Group dropdown.


More info:

Show agents From multiple groups in one widget




You can now show agents from all groups on a single Agents widget.

Brokerages typically have multiple groups of agents within the organization, and often display them on separate pages of their website (for example broken up by office, city, etc.). What if you wanted a page that displays ALL agents, regardless of group? Well now you can!


You can find this new functionality in the Widget Options for any Agents widget on your website. Just choose "All Groups" from the Agent Group dropdown.


More info:

Tall header widget layout selection blank




After saving, the "layout" option on the Tall Header widget would sometimes revert to a blank (unchosen) state. This bug was inadvertently introduced with a recent update and has now been fixed.

Reach CRM integration




RealtyNinja websites now have direct integration with Reach CRM.

More info