RealtyNinja updates
RealtyNinja updates

AI Listing Description Generator





Announcing the AI Listing Description Generator, from RealtyNinja Labs. This tool allows you to generate high-quality listing descriptions in seconds using your voice or by typing a few basic details about the property.

If you don’t like what it produces you can simply edit the text, regenerate a brand new description, or adjust the tone with a few clicks.

Currently available to RealtyNinja customers only. If you don't have a RealtyNinja account yet, you can sign up for free at


This tool is now available to all RealtyNinja website customers. Here’s a simple guide on how to access RealtyNinja Labs.

RealtyNinja Labs





We are thrilled to announce RealtyNinja Labs, a brand new innovation lab within RealtyNinja that allows us to explore groundbreaking technology for Canadian Real Estate Agents.

RealtyNinja Labs aims to generate new ideas and incubate projects that align with our mission to empower all Canadian real estate agents with the best technology, regardless of their technical ability.


Listing & building PDF uploads increased to 10MB (per file)




You can now upload PDF files up to 10MB (per file) for listings and buildings in the backend of your website. The old limit was 5MB (per file).

Lead-routing for manually added listings




You can now change the Agent ID on any listing you've manually added to your website. This means that if a manual listing belongs to an agent on your website, then their contact info will appear next to the listing and they will get any leads captured from it!

To do this, first make sure this setting is enabled (found under "Settings > Site Contact Info"):


Then simply click the "Edit" icon beside any manually added listing (or click "Add a listing manually"):


Scroll down to the "Primary Agent ID" field and click "Edit" to unlock it, then type in a new Agent ID (one that matches an agent you've added in the "Agents" section of the backend) and save your changes.


Note that this lead-routing functionality was already in place for MLS® listings. We have just extended it for manually added listings.


  • We now display any manually added listings and rental listings on an agents page.
  • You can now edit any listing that was manually added to your website, regardless of the Agent ID associated with it.

Improved order of listings displayed in MLS® search results (and removed duplicates)








There was a bug affecting a handful of active listings that would make them appear on multiple pages of MLS® search results. That has now been resolved.

While fixing this bug we also ensured that listings are displayed chronologically in search results (based on list date and MLS number).

Listing & building photo uploads increased to 50 per batch




You can now upload up to 50 photos at once for listings and buildings in the backend of your website. The old limit was 10.

RealtyNinja's core hosting and security architecture migrated to AWS





Over the past year-or-so we’ve been carefully moving our entire website platform’s hosting and security infrastructure over to Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud hosting platform, and pivotal to our ability to continue to provide a high level of service as we grow.

We have now completed that process, and all components are now running on AWS!

By hosting our entire website platform on AWS we’re able to improve and monitor performance in real-time, roll out new improvements faster, and take advantage of the many built-in security features. Win!

You can read all about these exciting improvements here.

Listing & building photo upload layout improvement




We've completely revamped the way listing and building photos are displayed in the backend of your website. The new grid layout allows you to see more items on your screen at once, which makes re-ordering and adding captions much easier.


This is the old layout for reference. Photos were smaller and each item had its own row, which took up a lot of space on your screen and made re-ordering cumbersome.


Re-import an active listing from the MLS® with one click




If you've ever experienced a data issue with one of your active listings (or if you wanted to clear any enhancements you made to a listing) in the past you would re-sync it by deleting and re-importing it by MLS® number. This technically worked, but it would change the URL of the listing on your website which was problematic because you may have had ads or other websites linking to the old URL.

We now have a convenient link at the top of the listing edit form which let's you quickly re-import the listing from MLS®, which retains the original URL.


Fixed: Bug affecting page deletion on Listings-Only (IDX) accounts




There was an issue on Listings-Only (IDX) accounts where the list of pages would not automatically refresh after you deleted a page. That has now been resolved.